Toccare Legacy
Toccare Legacy
Toccare Legacy

Toccare Legacy

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Toccare Legacy is a timeless masculine classic fragrance. 

Intrepid and aromatic, simple and fresh, a perfect union of fresh Mediterranean citrus fruit notes, of vetiver and of typically masculine woody chords

An elegant, sophisticated and distinctive fragrance that breeds confidence. 

Excellent touch to start your day


Head notes. 

Bergamot of Calabria, lemon, rosamary, basil.

 Heart notes. 

Hedione, vaucluse, patchouli, sandalwood

 Background notes. 

Lavender wool, vetiver, patchouli, sandalwood


Made in Italy. 100mL (3.4 FL. Oz.)

Eau de Parfum

*Fragrance tip: An Eau De Parfum has an oil concentration between 15 to 20%. On average, you can get a solid four to six hours of your fragrance working hard. In comparison to a Eau de toilette that only contains an oil concentration between 5% to 15% will normally only last two to three hours.**

Toccare Legacy