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Our faces deserve the absolute best, and let your razor keep its promises by shaving in excellence. Welcome to the truth in shaving.

Behind the Brand

Hello my name is Bartolomeo Cerrati. I am a Professional Master Barber & Owner of Just A Touch Hair Lounge and developer of Just A Touch Shaving products. As a young man shaving consistently, there were never any products out there that gave my face satisfaction. I spent years wasting a ton of money trying to find a shave solution that would provide me no negative side effects to my face. Tell me you never  have had some sort of issue shaving!?!? Whether it just be plain discomfort from shaving, razor burn that makes you look like you just got mauled by a tiger, a disgusting ingrown hair that is a pain in the ass to get out and looks like a huge zit, the awful sight of razor bumps or acne and those rookie nicks on your face!! From dealing with the pain from each and every single one of these, I knew there was a conflict for me to resolve. With my engineering mindset, years of intense research, a kitchen aid and my mothers kitchen, I was able to developed a highly concentrated blend of all natural ingredients that improves ones skin health. Let me be the first to tell you, my face and razor have thanked me ever since!
By always shaving with pure excellence it was able to help my razor keep its promises. Here at Just A touch we believe everyone deserves to look and feel their best in the most efficient way possible. With this highly concentrated, all natural, no fillers or additives, harsh chemical free, organic, paraben free blend of ingredients you only need to use Just A touch, Not too much.

This is why I am here now to tell you that you no longer have to worry about any negative shaving side effects. Your shave solution awaits after inputing your email below, and with the click of a button.