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Dr. Smooths Adjustable Safety Razor

$75 $100
Are you tired of crappy, over priced razors? Well we have your shave solution right here. With Dr. Smooths adjustable safety razor you will feel like the ultimate boss by shaving in excellence, with excellent products. We can agree that our faces deserve the best & it all starts with being Dr. Smooth, shaving with Dr. Smooths safety razor.
  • By adjusting the spacing of your blade exposed will determine how close and comfortable you want in your shave. Level 1 has minimal blade exposure to the skin giving you a less aggressive shave(mainly for sensitive skin). Level 6 has the most blade exposure, giving you the most aggressive shave. 
  • Save tons of money instead of buying whole new disposable razors every time, this lasts forever.
  • Provides one of the closest, smoothest shaves around 
  • This is a key in shaving to eliminating razor irritation, tugs, burns, bumps and ingrown hairs.   
  • Made with zinc alloy stainless steel that chemicals and any other impurities.

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